Neighborhood Meetings -

Civic Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

Schedule of Meetings, Maps and Websites for Santa Ana's Neighborhoods

Each month residents and community stakeholders volunteer their time to attend neighborhood meetings, coordinate community events or take advantage of local resources. It’s easy to become civically engaged in your area by contacting Neighborhood Improvement or attending a neighborhood meeting.

Monthly neighborhood meetings are posted on our website at the beginning of every month. For the month of January 2015, click here. Please note: Meetings that have been scheduled are subject to change. If you wish to attend, please call Neighborhood Improvement to verify that this information is still correct at (714) 667-2260 or e-mail

Neighborhood Associations in Santa Ana provide many volunteer opportunities for local residents to get involved and make a difference. To find out what district you live in, check the District Map or contact one of the following District Managers.

District One - Scott Kutner :
District Two - Margarita Macedonio :

If you have any questions, please call Neighborhood Improvement at (714) 667- 2260

Santa Ana Neighborhood Associations Maps and Websites

Look up which neighborhood you live in by visiting: Neighborhood Look Up

1. Logan Logan Meeting Flyer

2. Floral Park - Floral Park Meeting Flyer

3. Fairhaven Fairhaven Meeting Flyer Fairhaven Clean-up Event

4. Washington Square - Washington Square Meeting Flyer Membership Dumpster Day

5. Historic French Park - Historic French Park Meeting Flyer

6. Lacy Lacy Meeting Flyer Lacy Clean-up

7. Saddleback View Saddleback View Meeting Flyer

8. Heninger Park Heninger Park Meeting Flyer

9. Eastside Eastside Meeting Flyer Eastside Meeting Flyer Spanish Neighborhood Clean-up Day Neighborhood Clean-up Guidelines

10.Wilshire Square - Wilshire Square Meeting Flyer - English Spanish Wilshire Square Event

11. Memorial Park Memorial Park Meeting Flyer Alley Parkway Clean-up Flyer

12. Delhi Delhi Meeting Flyer

13. Sandpointe Sandpointe Meeting Flyer

14. Thornton Park Thornton Park Meeting Flyer Thornton Park Neighborhood Clean-Up

15. Bristol Warner Bristol Warner Meeting Flyer

16. Laurelhurst Laurelhurst Meeting Flyer

17. South Coast South Coast Meeting Flyer South Coast Clean-up

18. Centennial Park Centennial Park Meeting Flyer

19. Sunwood Central Sunwood Central Meeting Flyer

20. Mid-City Mid-City Meeting Flyer

21. Artesia Pilar Artesia Pilar Meeting Flyer Neighborhood Event

22. Mar-Les Mar-Les Meeting Flyer

23. Jack Fisher Park Jack Fisher Park Meeting Flyer

24. Santa Ana TriangleSanta Ana Triangle Meeting Flyer

25. French Court French Court Meeting Flyer

26. Riverview West Map 1|Map 2 Riverview West Meeting Flyer

27. Northwest Northwest Meeting Flyer

28. Flower Park Flower Park Meeting Flyer

29. Morning Sun Morning Sun Meeting Flyer

30. Windsor Village Windsor Village Meeting Flyer

31. Park Santiago - Park Santiago Meeting Flyer

32. Portola Park Portola Park Meeting Flyer

33. Shadow Run Shadow Run Dumpster Clean-up Flyer

34. Willard Willard Meeting Flyer Traffic Safety Fair (English) Traffic Safety Fair (Spanish)

35. Valley Adams Valley Adams Meeting Flyer

36. Central City Central City Meeting Flyer

37. West Floral Park - West Floral Park Meeting Flyer

38. Bristol Memory Coalition Bristol Memory Coalition Meeting Flyer

39. Riverview Riverview Meeting Flyer

40. Bella Vista Bella Vista Meeting Flyer

41. Pico-Lowell Pico-Lowell Meeting Flyer Pico-Lowell Clean-Up Flyer

42. Santa Anita Santa Anita Meeting Flyer

43. Morrison Park - Morrison Park Meeting Flyer

44. West Grove Valley West Grove Valley Meeting Flyer

45. Republic Homes Republic Homes Meeting Flyer

46. New Horizons New Horizons Meeting Flyer

47. Madison Park Madison Park Meeting Flyer

48. Cedar Evergreen Co-Op Cedar Evergreen Co-Op Meeting Flyer

49. Mabury Park Mabury Park Meeting Flyer Mabury Park Clean-up

50. Rosewood Baker Owners Association Rosewood Baker Owners Meeting Flyer

51. Cornerstone Village Cornerstone Village Meeting Flyer

52. Casa De Santiago Casa De Santiago Meeting Flyer

53. Windsor Village North Windsor Village North Meeting Flyer

54. Concord Concord Meeting Flyer

55. Riverglen Riverglen Meeting Flyer

56. Edna Park Edna Park Meeting Flyer

57. Casa Bonita Casa Bonita Event Flyer

58. Meredith Parkwood Meredith Parkwood Meeting Flyer

59. Metro Classic Metro Classic Meeting Flyer

60. Lyon Street Lyon Street Meeting Flyer

61. Fairbridge Square Fairbridge Square Meeting Flyer

62. Grand Sunrise Grand Sunrise Meeting Flyer

63. Downtown Downtown Meeting Flyer

64. Young Square - Young Square Meeting Flyer

Neighborhood Links will assist Santa Ana NA's and CBO's to create web pages. For more information e-mail Neighborhood Links