Climate Action Plan Status Updates

In December 2011, the City began the process of developing a greenhouse gas inventory and forecast. The first step is to identify a baseline year that allows for collection of complete data. A greenhouse gas emissions inventory for municipal operations and communitywide was conducted for the year 2008.

The purpose of greenhouse gas emission inventory is to identify sources and the amount emitted to enable the City to implement the most effective greenhouse gas reduction strategies and measures. The business-as-usual forecasts estimate the level of greenhouse gas emissions for community-wide activities and local government operations if strategies were not implemented. The forecasts are for years 2020 and 2035. The inventory and forecasts will be used to support the City's Climate Action Plan.

Climate Action Plan : Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecasts

Summary of the Energy Savings Analysis

Energy Savings Analysis

  • Appendix A - 2008 Communitywide and Municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Business-as-Usual Forecasts for 2020 and 2035
  • Appendix B - Report on Emissions Reductions from Existing Measures