Health and Fitness Initiatives in Cooperation with

Community-Based Organizations (CBO)

Your CBO + Santa Ana's Resource Network = Success

Santa Ana is in a unique position to increase the quality of life for its citizens. There is a convergence of several grants given to public-private partnerships in the city. These funds are allowing several nonprofit and community groups to work in partnership with the City of Santa Ana to make Santa Ana a healthier place to live, work and play.

California Endowment - Building Healthy Communities

Santa Ana has been selected as one of 14 Places across the state by The California Endowment for its Building Healthy Communities 10 Year Initiative that will begin in 2010. To find out more go to The California Endowment site at:

Latino Health Access and OC Human Relations have been selected to be the applicant agencies for the Santa Ana Building A Healthy Community Initiative. In this role, they will be leading the 11-month planning process that starts June 2009 and runs through May 2010. We would like to invite you to join us in helping us move forward to submitting our planning proposal to The California Endowment due. We are honored to be charged with this exciting opportunity which we know will make a tremendous impact on the lives of residents in Santa Ana and in transforming our community through strategic policies and innovation. The 10 Outcome Areas developed by The California Endowment are outlined below:

  • Children have health coverage.
  • Families have improved access to a health home that supports healthy behaviors.
  • Health and family-focused human services shift resources towards prevention.
  • Residents live in communities with health promoting land use, transportation and community development.
  • Children and their families are safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods.
  • Communities support healthy youth development.
  • Neighborhood and school environments support improved health and healthy behaviors.
  • Community health improvements are linked to economic development.
  • Health gaps for young men and boys of color are narrowed.
  • Strategic use of media elevates local experience to help influence policy and systems change at all levels.

Please refer to the attached SABHC Online Data Source Library for additional information.

The Steering Committee (please see attached list) is working collaboratively to complete the planning proposal. Refer to the attached Workplan. Stakeholders are welcomed to attend, observe and submit comment cards. A ten minute timeframe will be provided for public input. During the planning phase, we will embark in a community engagement process whereby local residents will have a voice in the planning process and in determining their future. We look forward to working with you and continuing to create a shared vision for a healthy Santa Ana. Contact Iliana Welty at Orange County Human Relations for additional information at

Archive of additional supporting material includes:

March 2009 Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFP attachments one & two

Map of the proposed project boundaries

Stakeholders / Partners material

Further information will be forthcoming on this initiative.

Project ALISA

Active Living by Design is a national program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This program establishes innovative approaches to increase physical activity through community design, public policies and communications strategies. Active Living by Design is funding 25 community partnerships across the country to demonstrate how changing the community design can impact physical activity. For more information, visit


Healthy Eating, Active Communities is an initiative of The California Endowment. It is an effort to create systems change to develop state and local policies that improve the food and physical activity environments in 6 California communities. The next wave of obesity and diabetes prevention efforts must shift community norms and resources so that healthy eating and physical activity are the easy, acceptable and accessible choices. For more information, visit

Health Funders Partnership

The Health Funders Partnership of Orange County has made Santa Ana one of their 6 Orange County communities funded by their Community Advocacy Project. This has granted Santa Ana technical assistance from The Trust for Public Land’s (TPL) Healthy Parks, Healthy Communities program through 2008. This project promotes increased public funding for parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and other physical activity settings as an important strategy to effectively address these problems. For more information, visit