Utility User Tax Low-Income Exemption

Learn how to apply for a low-income exemption for the Utility User Tax.

The City of Santa Ana applies a six percent (6%) Utility User Tax to users of telephone, electric, gas and water services. The Treasurer’s Office has been authorized to offer an exemption of the Utility Users Tax to low-income households. The Exemption Application is available in English and Spanish in PDF format at UUT-Low Income Exemption (English/Spanish)

To qualify for the Low Income Exemption:

1) the account must be in the utility account holder's name

2) the account holder is not claimed as a dependent on another person’s income tax return

3) the total income level of the household does not exceed the income levels listed below

4) the account holder self-certifies that the household meets all the program’s eligibility criteria,

and 5) a completed, signed application is reviewed and approved by the Treasurer’s Office.

Household Maximum Income

1 $14,300

2 14,300

3 16,900

4 20,200

5 23,500

6+ Add $3,300 for each additional person