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Here's What The Planning And Building Agency Is Doing To Foster "Green" Building...

Solar Permit Fees Waived
The City Council has implemented a program to encourage solar power utilization.  A two-Year Permit Fee Waiver Program for solar projects that convert sunlight to energy or heat water is now being offered.

Solar Plancheck Services are Free
As part of the No-Fee Solar permit program, we now perform engineering reviews for plans associated with solar energy projects at no cost to the customer.

Solar Building Inspection Services are Free
As part of the No-Fee Solar permit program, we now perform building inspections at no customer cost for all Santa Ana projects associated with solar energy.

Field Verification of Energy-Efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Units
Our new-construction inspection staff examines new air-conditioner units, new furnaces, and similar equipment for compliance with T-24 Energy guidelines and a determination of efficiency.

Special Window for Inspections
Requests for a morning or afternoon inspection window will be honored. Exceptions to this policy may occur due to daily staffing and workload variations, but whenever possible specific requests will be honored.

Council Resolution

No Fee Solar Permits


Who Should Access This Building-Green Opportunity?

  • Ecologically motivated residents and businesses.
  • City residents who are impacted by the cost of transitioning to green living.
  • Contractors who are marketing green building.
  • Developers who wish to utilize a green environment to establish unique products for their marketplace.