Summer Programs



The Summer Reading Program encouraged adults to read during the summer months.  We hoped to help readers improve reading skills and discover the joy that reading can bring.  The theme of the program was Novel Destinations, designed to whisk readers away from their day-to-day lives. Staff and readers enjoyed a celebration at the end of the program that featured foods from all over the world, a musician who played world music on various percussion instruments, and a raffle giveaway.

Adult Summer Reading Program 2011 Stats Total
Total participants 325




Teen Summer Program 2011 Stats Total
Total participants 1,749


Buddy Programs

Young adults, or "Big Buddies", met weekly with children to help them learn and develop various skills. Programs included Dance, Acting, Music, Math, Ninja, Art, Health, Science, Gardening, Wii Fitness, and Reading.

Buddy Programs 243 Central Library
  345 Jerome Center
  220 Newhope Library


Summer Volunteer Institute/Skills Development

Teens worked with mentors to develop various skills to help them with college applications, job searching and computer skills. Programs included TeenSpace Video Production Crew, Cooking/Baking, Create-a-Comic or Manga Book Project, Writing Winning Scholarships, TeenSpace Open Mic, Teen Community Historians, Recycling and Green Living, Youth Health Ambassadors, Afternoon Anime and Movie Review, Crafty Teens, Teen Improv and Acting, Teen Readers and Writers, Graphic Design, Get A Job Workshops, College Success Workshops.

Volunteer and Job Skills 265 Central Library
  225 Jerome Center
  52 Newhope Library


Cooking and Baking

Young adults got together every Monday with a Senior Tutor and learned to cook or bake healthy and nutritious foods.

Cooking Club 34 Central Library
  17 Newhope Library


Youth Soccer Clinic

Young Adults interested in soccer were given the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary to be a top notch soccer player.


Soccer 34 Central Library
  17 Newhope Library


TeenSpace Aquaponic Gardening Society

Teens met with a mentor to construct and run an Aquaponic Garden. The innovative garden is designed to provide alternative ways of growing fruits and vegetables without soil.


Gardening 20 Central Library
  2 Jerome Center
  1 Newhope Library


Teen Nature Explorers and Conservation Group

Young adults ventured out to parks around the city to discover local plants and animals and what steps they can take to preserve the habitat.


Nature Explorers and Conservation 6 Central Library
  4 Newhope Library


Teen Engineers Haunted House Project

A group of teens met through the summer to plan the Library’s annual Haunted House, which they later built and operated to insure that Santa Ana kids had a fun and safe Halloween.


Haunted House Project 13 Central Library
  2 Newhope Library


Teen Community Historians

Teens and young adults with an interest in their heritage met weekly to research the history of Santa Ana and Orange County.


Community Historians 19 Central Library
  3 Newhope Library


10 Week Summer Health and Fitness Challenge

Teen teams worked through the summer in a competition to see which group could lose the most weight and demonstrate the healthiest lifestyle.


Health and Fitness 8 Central Library
  15 Jerome Center
  3 Newhope Library


Fiestas Patrias Parade Float Project

Given the challenge of creating the theme float for the Fiestas Patrias parade, a group of teens met with mentors to plan, construct and man the State of My Heart float, commemorating the 32 states of Mexico.


Fiestas Patrias Parade Float 31 Central Library
  4 Newhope Library


TeenSpace Cooks Cooking Show Team

A team of young adults created and filmed a cooking show, TeenSpace Cooks, which is featured on CTV3.


Cooking Show 6 Central Library
  2 Newhope Library


Girl Talk/Guy Chat

Teens met weekly with mentors of the same sex to discuss interpersonal issues and questions in an informal setting.


Girl Talk/Guy Chat 28 Central Library
  21 Jerome Center
  24 Newhope Library


Basketball League

Teens interested in basketball were given the opportunity to learn and develop the skills to play well and have fun doing it.


Basketball league 31 Jerome Center


Social-Political Issues, Debates and Discussion Groups

Civically-minded teens gathered regularly to discuss and debate issues of politics, philosophy and current events.


Social-Political Discussion 7 Central Library
  5 Jerome Center


Tea and Literature Book Club

A group of book loving young adults gathered weekly with tea and cookies in hand to discuss their latest book.


Tea and Literature Book Club 13 Central Library



Summer Reading Program

The program, One World, Many Stories, encouraged children to read during the summer months to help retain and improve reading skills.  It also taught them the pleasure to be found in reading, and the doors to a wider world it can open for them.

Youth Summer Reading Program 2011 Stats Total
Total participants 1,849
Completed all 6 levels! 540



Special Programs

Special library programs promote literacy, offer cultural experiences, and provide children and teens an opportunity to enjoy art, music and drama. Although they are geared for children and young adults, programs foster a sense of community because people of all ages attend and enjoy these special events. This summer’s programs included: Magic Show, DJ 101, Laser Show, Bilingual Puppet Show, Summer Reading Program Party/Magic Show.

Youth Summer Special Program 2011 Stats Total
Program Total 1,526



Youth Summer Storytime 2011 Stats Total
Total participants 1,356
Baby Storytimes 224
Preschool Storytimes 391
Spanish Storytimes 347
Family Storytimes 394


Computer Workshops

This series of workshops teaches the Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint computer programs



Youth Summer Computer Program 2011 Stats Total
Total 6,561
Computer Workshops 230
Learning Center Computer Sessions 5,396
Learning Center Tutoring Sessions 935


Math Mania Program

The program featured incentive prizes for students who completed math worksheets. Offered students the opportunity to retain math skills learned during the year and the chance to improve. Students who finished assignments enjoyed an end-of-program pizza party.



Math Mania Program 2011 Stats Total
Program Total 394
Completed all levels! 175


New Vision For Summer

Youth Service staff hosted three outreach presentations to T.H.I.N.K. Together students of Spurgeon Intermediate, Lincoln and Monte Vista Elementary. The goal of these events was to keep kids learning, introduce students to the library and have them involved in our programs throughout the summer. They were treated to a vibrant laser show, an interactive puppet show, and a Summer Reading presentation. Library staff also conducted a “Scary Stories from Around the World” book club program to students in the T.H.I.N.K. Together program conducted at Lincoln Elementary School.



Youth New Vision For Summer 2011 Stats Total
Outreach Attendees 750
Book Club Program 90



Read Across Santa Ana

Teen volunteers spent the morning at six of the City’s Recreation Centers and the two Library branches reading one-on-one with children and creating crafts with them to take home to their families.

Read Across Santa Ana Summer 2011 Stats Teen Volunteers Youth Participants
Program Totals 111 191
El Salvador Community Center 8 12
Jerome Community Center 16 24
Logan Community Center 6 23
Main Library 24 30
Memorial Community Center 15 31
Newhope Library 15 40
Salgado Community Center 17 15
Santa Anita Community Center 10 16


National Night Out

Event aims to foster community spirit between residents and law enforcement. The Library participated in the event by providing information about library services and programs to event visitors.

National Night Out Summer 2011 Stats  Total
Participants 122


The Technology and Support Services section of the Library provides technical support to staff and public computers, assists in the checking in and out of books, manages the book catalog database, and maintains the agency’s website. Although Technology and Support Services staff does not offer programs directly to our patrons, staff had been extremely busy at the Circulation Desk during the summer months.

Items Checked Out by Month

June chart



July Chart


August Chart



Month New Library Cards Issued Computer Sessions* Items checked out
June 1170 2,177 45,050
July 1068 2,997 54,785
August 970 3,848 38,343
TOTAL 3,208 9,022 138,178

* Each computer session has a limit of one hour.


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