Library Donations

The Santa Ana Public Library adds many useful titles through the donation of used books, videos, CDs and DVDs. Added items must meet the same standards as purchased materials. If Subject Specialists decide that the donated materials are not needed for the collection, they are offered to the Friends of the Library for their bi-annual book sale. Books are also offered for sale throughout the year; they are located by the emergency exit facing Civic Center.

The proceeds from these sales are used to provide services and buy materials not allocated in the Library's budget. For example, the Heritage Reference Collection, which celebrates ethnic diversity within the city, was started with these proceeds. Since the beginning of the Friends' project, over 28,000 items have been added to the library collection. Over $50,000 has been earned from sales.

When donating materials, don't forget to ask for a stamped receipt at the Information Desk. You may use this for a tax deduction; be sure to list the number of items donated and their fair market value. You may drop off your donations at the Main Library, or Newhope Library Learning Center.

Donation Acceptance Guidelines (PDF)