Kids Connect

Program focuses on promoting mentored reading and access to technology for children (ages 5-11) utilizing LEAPFROG TAG reading system.  It consists of the following program component:

Reading Buddy Program

Teens (12-18) volunteer their time as “Big Buddies” to mentor “Little Buddies” (ages 5-11) in reading with LEAPFROG TAG reading systems.  Program comprises of 4 modules with 10 reading sessions per modules.  Little Buddies  read to Big Buddies a total of 30 minutes per session, and then work on creating pages for their “Buddy Storybook” from words learned in session.  2 Summer 2009 session modules were held;  1 at the Central library and 1 at the Newhope Learning Center branch.  There was a Reading Buddy module held in the Fall, and Spring as well. 

AMIGOS Reading Buddy Program

This was a reading buddy program that was run in partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Ana’s AMIGOS after-school program.  Staff from the church would walk the children down to the Santa Ana public library where they would participate in the reading buddy program.  Two reading buddy modules were held; once in Fall 2009 and once in Winter/Spring 2010.

Reading Buddy Slideshow!