Small Steps

Project Goals :

With the "Small Steps Towards Healthy Living" project, Library Youth Health Ambassador teams recruited from various youth organizations/clubs, library TeenSpace programs, high schools and colleges, will produce bilingual videos informing the public on a variety of health and community related topics centered around themes of safety, education and community engagement.  Videos will be broadcasted to Santa Ana residents as part of local CTV3 programming. As part of this project, teens and college age young adults will receive instruction on various aspects of digital technology like video production, film editing, sound editing, and broadcasting.  Sr. Tutor mentors will train and guide Youth Health Ambassador teens and young adults (ages 12-24) in developing health related video programming, during research, production, editing and CTV3 broadcasting phases. It is hoped that by the end of this 7 month project, Youth Health Ambassador volunteers will have had the necessary training and experience, to continue to create videos and health related programs for the community, as well as the capability to instruct and mentor new members.

Project Description :


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Small Steps

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