Library's Wish List

Children Services' Wish List, click here

Adult Services' Wish List, click here

As we are all aware, budget cuts are sweeping California at all levels. On the local level, the library has faced severe reductions. These reductions have forced the library to drastically reduce the number of new books purchased.

YOU can help the library better serve the community through difficult times by making book donations through's "wish lists". Our "wish lists" are books librarians would like to add to our collection, but cannot afford to purchase at this time.

To make a donation, simply click on the links provided above (or click here for the Children's Library's wish list or here for Adult Collection's wish list), select a book, enter your payment information, confirm and complete the purchase. You have the option of sending the orders directly to the library or to your home.

Thank you for your donations! In times of need, your gifts help support the library in its effort to maintain and improve the services that are provided for Santa Ana's residents.