Forms, applications and handouts

Planning Fees (Effective July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018)
Zoning Information   Subdivision / Lot Consolidation Applications
Zoning Documents  

Subdivision Application and Submittal Checklist

    Lot Line Adjustment Application Package
Development Project Review Package   Voluntary Lot Merger

Development Project Review Package

Transit Zoning Code Supplemental Project Description   Landscape Plan Information

Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines VIDEO - When Does it Apply?

    Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines 2015
Discretionary Action Permit Applications  

California Friendly Landscape Guidelines

Submittal Checklist   Reference List for Dry Climate Plants
Conditional Use Permit Application   Commercial Landscape Standards
Variance Application  

Recommended Tree Information and List

Minor Exception Application   Synthetic Turf Standards
ABC and Restaurant After Hours Submittal Package    
Zoning Ordinance (Code Text) Amendment Application  

Please note that Historic Fee Application waiver is scheduled to
on August 4, 2017.

Development Agreement Application

  Historic Property Applications

General Plan Amendment Application

  Mills Act Contract Information
Zone Change Application   Mills Act Contract Application

Environmental - Initial Study Checklist

  Mills Act Contract Sample Valuation
Special Use Permit   Local Historic Register Information
Regional Planned Sign Program Application   Historic Property Application (adding your property to the register)
Appeal Application   Historic Submittal Checklist (adding your property to the register)
Front Yard Fence Minor Exception Application  

Historic Submittal Checklist (for project submittal to the Commission)

  Historic Resources Commission Information
Historic Resources Commission Review Application
    Application for Removal from Historic Register
Design & Landscape Standards   Historic¬†Exterior Modification Application
Citywide Design Guidelines  
Commercial Landscape Standards   Signs
Residential Building Design   Sign Code / Sign Regulations
Hotel & Motel Design Standards   Sign Permit Application
PRD Standards   Sign Program Application
North Broadway Corridor Design Standards   Sign Program Checklist

Heninger Park Architectural Design Guidelines


Temporary Sign Permit Application

Historic French Park Design Guidelines  
Miscellaneous Permit Applications and Handouts  
Front Yard Fences
Accessory Dwelling Unit Standards   Front Yard Fence Permit Application
Adaptive Reuse Ordinance and eligible locations map   Front Yard Fence Example
Front Yard Fence Example (En Espanol)
Certificate of Occupancy Questionnaire  
Citywide Alcohol Sales and Entertainment Policies  
Definitions   Land Use Certificates
Early Start Plan check Application   Land Use Certificate (Child Care)
Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing Ordinance   Land Use Certificate (Special Events/Sales & Minor Wireless Facilities)
Land Use Certificate (Vending Machines)
Entertainment Permit Application and Information   Land Use Certificate (Small Recycling Facility)
Fire Suppression Systems Requirements  
First Look/Conceptual Review Application  
Home Occupation Permit  
Housing Opportunity Materials    
New Single & Two Family Residences Application    
Major Commercial/Industrial Facade Remodel Checklist    
Neighborhood Review Application    
Non-conforming Buildings and Uses    
Parking Graphics    
Parking Requirements    
Reasonable Accommodations Ordinance    
Residential Addition Submittal Checklist    
Roof Screen Detail    
Solar Equipment Submittal Checklist    
Structural Relocation Application    
Temporary Trailer    
Townhouse Standards    
Underground Utility Waiver    
Window Replacement Checklist    
Wireless Communication Facilities