Communications Division

The Communications Division is responsible for coordinating the safe and efficient delivery of essential police services to the community.

The Police Communications Division is the primary answering point for all 9-1-1 emergencies and non-emergency calls. With state-of-the-art technology, the center operates 24/7, and is staffed with highly skilled personnel who embody a vision of "service excellence". Connecting with a diverse community during their most critical times is an essential function that communications operators are trained and prepared to handle.

In 2013, over 393,000 calls for assistance were handled, and over 127,000 calls for service were dispatched for police service. To report a non-emergency incident, call (714) 245-8049. To report an emergency, dial 9-1-1.



To maximize resources in the field, the Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) serves as an integral part of the department’s community policing philosophy.  By providing an alternative response to sending a police officer to take reports, TRU frees up valuable patrol time by relieving officers of over 5,000 reports per year.  The unit also provides valuable referral and resource information to the community. If you are a victim of a crime that occurred in Santa Ana, and require a police report, and have no suspect information, call the Santa Ana Police Department TRU at (714) 245-8665.