Gangs Section

The Santa Ana Police Department’s Gang Section is comprised of experienced detectives dedicated to preventing and suppressing gang activity throughout the city.

The Gang Section has developed a departmental gang strategy that incorporates a multi-dimensional approach using the interactive components of:

  • Enforcement
  • Suppression
  • Prevention
  • Reintegration

The Gang Section maximizes its enforcement and investigative resources through the collaboration of three distinct, yet cooperative, units:

  • Enforcement
  • Assaults
  • Homicide

The Gang Section provides gang intervention and prevention programs through the Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (GRIP).  Santa Ana GRIP currently provides services to ten elementary schools within the city.  For information on GRIP click here.

Members of the Enforcement Unit, known as the S.T.O.P. Team (Street Terrorist Offender Project), focus their attention on the suppression of illegal gang activities through aggressive street level enforcement, intelligence gathering, and the development of gang expertise.

The Gang Assault and Homicide Units concentrate their efforts on the apprehension and successful prosecution of gang members. Working with the U.S. Attorney and Orange County District Attorney Offices, these units aggressively investigate and prosecute all gang related assaults, robberies, and homicides in a timely fashion.  The Gang Assault and Homicide Units are part of a Tri-Agency Resource /Gang Enforcement Team (TARGET) that is comprised of police officers, probation officers, and prosecutors.  The TARGET concept is a highly specialized team approach focusing on the most hardcore, violent, repeat gang offenders.

How to tell if your child is in a gang, A Parent Quick Reference Guide


One of the most effective means of curbing gang violence is to keep potential gang recruits from joining a gang in the first place. For information on how to discourage children from joining gangs click English or Español.

If you have information to report regarding gang activity, call (714) 245-8648. 

Gang Unit