Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division is composed of the Crime Analysis Section and Computer Services Section.

Crime Analysis concentrates on reporting, tracking, analyzing, and forecasting crime trends.  This proactive strategy allows decisions and allocation of resources to be made in advance based on the analysis of criminal statistics.  Additionally, the Crime Analysis Section facilitates the weekly STAT-TRAC meetings and produces weekly and monthly crime statistics and crime booklets.

In 2004, the Crime Analysis Section completed 46 complex crime analyses.  These analyses are extremely time consuming and labor intensive.  However, the time is well spent because comprehensive analysis assists officers in identifying suspects, determining crime patterns, and recognizing emerging crime series.

Computer Services prides itself as being on the forefront of technology and has developed a partnership with the City’s Information Technology staff.  This partnership has facilitated the sharing of resources and expertise.  The new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Jail Management Systems (JMS) are projected to be in place by 2005.  The Report Writing Module (RWM), the Case Management System (CMS), and Evidence Tracking System projects are well underway and are expected to be fully operational in the near future.

Additionally, the section services 150 computer terminals, 28 servers, 350 stand-alone computers, 400 laptop computers, and a myriad of additional desktop devices.  Computer Services has the responsibility for all technology support in the Police and Jail facilities.