Inmate Education

Behind the walls of the Santa Ana Jail, constructive and rehabilitative programs are taking place for incarcerated inmates.

The educational classes and religious services provided by seven different organizations, are changing the attitudes and quality of life for many of the inmates. The seven organizations are:

Santa Ana College Orange County Dept of Education Alcoholic Anonymous Planned Parenthood of Orange County Catholic Church Services Protestant Church Services Orange County Dept of Education (GED Testing Office)

Santa Ana Jail is a leader in inmate programming and it may be the only city jail in America that provides inmates the opportunity for long-term growth through formal education. Along with numerous crisis and recreational programs, inmates at the Santa Ana Jail are provided the opportunity to obtain their GED certificates and/or enroll in college-credited courses. The success and comprehensive nature of the Inmate Programs is due largely to the leadership of the Jail Administration. The top managers of the facility consistently emphasize values of personal responsibility and individual growth and provide the backdrop for this unique curriculum.

Thousands of inmates have spent thousands of hours learning and developing skills that will serve them in the future. Classes available include: Computer Applications, Business Skills, ESL, GED, Parenting, Anger Management, Job Development, Substance Abuse, Art, Drug Court Counseling, Sex Education, Bible studies, AA meetings, Sociology 101, Sociology 112,and Protestant and Catholic services.

Jail Education

The GED program measures the merit of these programs and their innovators. There have been over 130 graduates of the program. These graduates of the program became role models for other inmates and were generally the best-behaved inmates in the Santa Ana Jail. Upon their release from the system, their possession of the GED certificate will mean they have one less obstacle towards changing their lives for the benefit of our communities.

The media has taken note of the excellent programs in the Santa Ana Jail. The Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, OCN, the Telemundo Network, and the Univision Network have all documented stories on the educational and religious programs offered at the Santa Ana Jail. Supporters of the program are confident that it is one of the best in the country. These programs have certainly provided an unparalleled opportunity for the resident inmates.