Jail Administration Division

The Administration Division was created in 2000 to manage contractual and administrative services of the Jail.

In an effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Jail, the Administrative Division is responsible for inmate housing and vendor contracts, administering the budget, conducting special projects, ensuring Board of Corrections (BOC) compliance, and serving as the liaison with the Police Department’s Training Division.Jail Admin

Inmate housing contracts include:

  • U.S. Marshal


    • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    • State Parole
    • Drug Court
    • California Youth Authority
  • Courtesy holds for various agencies

These contracts have resulted in nearly $10 million annually in revenues, sufficiently funding the jail operations.

The Santa Ana Jail contracts for inmate food services, inmate telephones and commissary, and on-site medical services.

The Santa Ana Jail assigned one Correctional Supervisor to the Training Division of the Administration Bureau. This provides consistency throughout the police department in all aspects of staff training.

To ensure compliance with BOC standards, there is a need for continuous auditing and inspection of jail practices, policies, and procedures. The Jail continuously reviews and updates the operational policies and coordinates with the Information Services Division to make them available electronically to all staff.

Jail Organizational Chart