Jail Support Services Division

The Support Services Division manages jail programs, activities, and services.

The Division includes four sections: Records, Classification, Grievance. and Hearing Programs

The Records Section is the custodian of records associated with booking, identification, and maintenance of the inmate population. The Classification Section is responsible for placement of inmates among the various housing areas, based on behavior and special needs. The Grievance and Hearings Section is responsible for addressing inmate grievances and conducting disciplinary hearings in accordance with Bureau of Corrections (BOC) standards. The Programs Section is responsible for developing and implementing the various educational, counseling, and behavioral programs.Jail Support

Improvements and enhancements to these programs include the following:



The Jail offers religious services from a wide variety of faiths including Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, and Protestant. In addition, regular bible studies are offered.



Instructors from the Orange County Department of Education, Santa Ana College, Horizon Wilshire GED Center, and the Santa Ana Jail developed a highly successful inmate educational program. Since the program’s inception, an average of 100 adult and juvenile inmates graduate from the program annually.

Jail Support Services