Operations Division

Recruitment and Selection

The Operations Division recruits applicants for City positions and administers job-related written, oral, and performance examinations to ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected to fill job vacancies. Job Opportunities are recorded on the Job Information Line at (714) 647-6500 and posted in the Personnel Services Department. The Application Form can be downloaded and mailed to Personnel Services, or received by mail by calling (714) 647-5340. Division staff also coordinate medical testing and record checks for new employees, and ensure compliance with legal requirements such as right to work in the United States. The City of Santa Ana is an equal opportunity employer.

Classification and Compensation

The Operations Division maintains the position classification and pay plan for the City of Santa Ana. The division analyzes jobs, determines appropriate duties and job titles, and establishes salaries using labor market and internal comparison data. Division staff write Job Opportunities that list the duties and minimum requirements for every job classification in the City. The City's Salary Schedule provides salary rates for these job titles. Division staff also conduct and respond to pay and benefit surveys.

Administration and Record Keeping

The Operations Division maintains the personnel files for every employee in the City and responds to inquiries about City employees, including subpoenas and requests for salary verification and employment background information. Division staff process employee performance appraisals, and all transactions for employee hiring, pay additives, and separations. The division also administers the City's unemployment insurance program and prepares employment-related legislative documents changing the City's budget, Civil Service Code, and job classification plans.

Operations Division Organizational Chart