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Engineering Design Standards & Standard Plans for Street, Storm Drain, Sewer and Water Projects

Should you have any questions regarding the following links to Engineering CAD standards, templates and standard plans, please contact an engineering staff member.

CAD Standard Manual

CAD Standards


Sample Plan
Color Table Title Block

Cell Library 

Traffic Cell Library

Pen Tables - Design
Pen Tables-Laser
Pen Tables-Signal
Pen Tables-Striping
Title Sheet


MicroStation .DGN Seed Files

nnnnnBA-D00 nnnnnCA-D00 nnnnnDA-D00
nnnnn-DEnn-Rnn nnnnnDP-D00 nnnnnQA-D00
nnnnnTA-T00 nnnnnUA-D00 nnnnnXA-T00


Consultant Agreements/Forms

All-purpose Acknowledgement

Certificate of Insurance

Consultant Questionnaire

Sample Consultant Agreement

Sample Payment Bond

Sample Performance Bond

Sample Specifications


Street Moratorium

Street Moratorium List - Updated August 24, 2015


Real Estate Forms

Abandonment Application

Abandonment Process

Summary Vacation


Standard Plans

Street Standard Plan Index

st1100 st1101 st1102 st1102a st1103a st1103b
st1104 st1105 st1105a st1106 st1108 st1109
st1111 st1112 st113 st113A st1114 st115
st116 st1117 st1118 st1118A st119 st1122
st123 st1124 st1124A st1124B   st1125A
st1125b st1125C st1125D st1125E st1125F st1126A
st1126B st1126C st126D st126E st1126F st1126G
st1126H st1126I st1127 st1129 st1130 st1131
st1131A st1150 st1150a st1150b st1150c st1501
st1502 st1503
st1504-AandB st1505

Storm Drain Standard Plan Index

sd1100 sd1150 sd1150a sd1150b sd1150c sd302 sd303
sd304 sd304a sd305 sd305a sd306 sd307 sd308
sd308a sd308b sd309 sd310 sd311 sd312 sd313
sd314 sd315 sd316 sd317 sd318 sd319 sd320

Sewer Standard Plan Index

std1201 std1201A std1202 std1203
std1203A std1204 std1204A std1207
std1208 std1208A std1209

Standard Specifications for Water Improvements

Water Standard Plan Index 1

Water Standard Plan Index 2

std1401 std1402 std1403A std1403B std1403C std1403D
std1404 std1405 std1407 std1407A std1408 std1410
std1411 std1412 std1413A std1413B std1414 std1415
std1417 std1420 std1421 std1427 std1427A std1428
std1428A std1429