Mission Statement:

The Communication Linkage Forum strives to promote positive leadership, community participation, unity and pride in all neighborhoods by improving the quality of life in Santa Ana "block-by-block". Our community has 64 recognized neighborhoods as illustrated on the attached map.

The Communication Linkage Forum ("Com-Link") was formed in July 1989, for the purpose of providing a non-partisan forum to promote the exchange of ideas and information between neighborhoods and community leaders. Com-Link partners with the City of Santa Ana in order to communicate the positive aspects of Santa Ana and to enhance a sense of community. Com-Link, originally comprised of five neighborhood associations, now represents over 60 Santa Ana neighborhood associations. The most valuable aspect of Com-Link is that it allows many sides of an issue to be expressed. Com-Link also provides a networking forum for community leaders to develop contacts in order to address issues that need to be taken beyond the forum, and acted upon by an individual or by neighborhoods.

Com-Link members are encouraged to become more involved with community issues and to join community service organizations.

Join us at an upcoming meeting. Everyone is welcome to the Com-Link General Meetings. Courtesy is emphasized throughout our proceedings to insure that people are considered more important than a specific issue. Com-Link's commitment to civility is..."As issues come and go, the people will remain and not the reverse." The Communication Linkage Forum strives to promote positive leadership, community participation, unity and pride in all neighborhoods by improving the quality of life in Santa Ana, "block-by-block."

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View the 2019 Neighborhood Hero Brochure and past Neighborhood Hero winners.

2019 Most Beautiful Yard Program Brochure       2018 Humanitarian Spirit Award Brochure

Current Month's Agenda -  Com-Link's next General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 at 7:00 p.m.  at the Santa Ana Police Department Community Room, located at 60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana (on Boyd Way between W. Civic Center Drive and W. 6th Street). Come out and meet City Councilmember Cecilia Iglesias and staff from the City's Public Works and Planning and Building Agencies, and Santa Ana Police Department Traffic Division as they participate on a panel to discuss Citywide parking issues affecting Santa Ana's neighborhoods.   

If you were not available to attend the August 22nd Meeting, below are highlights shared by our main presenter - Santa Ana's City Manager Kristine Ridge: 

1) City Council approved a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 and current reserves exceed City's reserve policy. With Public Safety being a top priority, the Santa Ana Police Department is on track to hire 50 new officers by the end of the 2019 calendar year. 

2) Homelessness is the #1 concern in the community and the City is making progress through the following ways:  $2M in additional funding allocated to address homelessness, separate from $1M already funded to operate "The Link" - the City's 200-bed shelter; the City will soon contract with a private security company specifically for all City parks; the City's Quality of Life Team addressing homeless encampments Citywide work shift has been moved to later from 6 p.m. - 12 a.m.;  City Manager has been in negotiations with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) company to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding to partner and address trash and encampments on UPRR property; and the City's smartphone app will soon have a feature to report homeless encampments on public and private property.

3) Capital Improvements Opportunity - As soon as funding is available, the City will move forward with plans to improve street medians with drought-tolerant landscaping. 

September 26th Meeting Flyer     2019-2020 General Meetings Schedule

General Meetings are held:

Fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 P.M.
(Exceptions: November meeting is on the third Thursday and there is no meeting in July and December.)

2019/2020 Com-Link Board (picture to be updated)

Communication Linkage Forum Board Members


Peter Katz, President - Mar-Les,     Carl Benninger, Vice-President - Metro Classic,
Evangeline Gawronski, Secretary - Wilshire Square (not pictured),    Terry McCall – Casa de Santiago,
Irma Macias - Mid-City,    George Collins - Greater Santa Ana Community,
Leon Jacobs - Bella Vista,

Other Contacts:

Margarita Macedonio, District Manager and Senior Community Planner
City of Santa Ana
Planning and Building Agency - Neighborhood Initiatives
20 Civic Center Plaza, 2nd Floor Ross Annex
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 667-2288

Organizational Structure - Com-Link By-Laws, Com-Link Org. Chart, Committee List, Com-Link 2019 Board Election Nomination Application Form for Board Term 2019-2021  (PDF, Word)