About Santa Ana Police Department

Santa Ana Police Department


To deliver public safety services to our community with the utmost professionalism and integrity.


The Santa Ana Police Department strives to be a leader in community policing by providing exceptional policing services that embody the spirit of community partnerships by being responsive, efficient and transparent in resolving community concerns to public safety.

The organizational values of the Santa Ana Police Department are the foundation from which the policies that govern all aspects of police service delivery are derived. These values serve as a public declaration of the principles, which guide the Department and articulate the Department's commitment to professionalism. Our values act as the guideline for the discretionary use of police powers and are the basis by which employee actions are evaluated.


Integrity - We value adherence to the rule of law, to the Constitutions of California and of the United States, and to complete honesty.

Accountability - We value ethical decision making and accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Community Participation - We value working with Santa Ana's diverse communities to ensure the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

Quality Service - We value providing fair, courteous, responsive and efficient service, equally to all people, which observes each individual's dignity and worth.

The organizational values of the Santa Ana Police Department are reflected in every operational policy and procedure. All members are expected to uphold each value thereby fulfilling the standards of conduct. The Santa Ana Police Department will reward conduct which best exemplifies our values and sanction behavior which is contrary to these values.